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Stop Vomiting with Once‑Daily CERENIA

CERENIA® (maropitant citrate), the first and only FDA-approved veterinary antiemetic, effectively treats canine and feline vomiting from multiple causes.1 , 2

CERENIA is the #1 Prescribed Veterinary Antiemetic for Its:

  • Rapid onset of action and 24-hour efficacy 3-6
  • Unique mode of action that treats vomiting from multiple causes 3, 7-9
  • Easy once-daily dosing
  • Non-sedating effects


Jan, Certified Veterinary Technician, Mt Carmel Veterinary Hospital

Luca & Boomer

It used to be that when a client's dog got sick in the car, there wasn't much we could do to help except hand out a paper towel. Not anymore!

Our first experience using CERENIA was with Luca and Boomer, twin golden retriever puppies who always came in with evidence of their car sickness still on their chins. The day they came in for surgery wasn't any different. I am not sure if their happiness to see us wasn't simply their relief of being out of the car. The day after their surgeries it struck me these two dogs would be going home in little more than an hour. How awful were they going to feel going home from surgery and getting carsick? I imagined Mrs. Kunz cleaning vomit and slobber from her dogs, the e-collars and the inside of her car. Not a pretty picture. I immediately went in search of Dr. Farrell and asked if CERENIA could help.

Dr. William Farrel, Veterinarian, Mt Carmel Veterinary Hospital

Luca & Boomer

I had prescribed CERENIA for treating acute vomiting, with great success, but had never used it to treat for motion sickness. Two of my patients, Luca and Boomer, had car sickness every visit. After prescribing CERENIA to the both of them, I was very happy when their owners called to say they were thrilled with the outcome - NO VOMITING!

Mrs. Kunz, Dog Owner

Luca & Boomer

No one wants to clean up dog messes in their car and have the scent linger for weeks. Whether it's a short trip to the veterinarian or a long trip to visit relatives, it's nice I can count on CERENIA to keep my dog from getting carsick. A product like CERENIA does more than keep my car clean, it makes my dogs more a part of my family.

Dr. Lean Cohn, Veterinarian


As a small animal internist, I deal with very sick animals on a routine basis, so motion sickness never seemed like a particularly important problem to me.!

However, when I got Reba, an adult coonhound with severe motion sickness, I learned firsthand what a problem it can be. Reba literally NEVER rode in the car without vomiting, no matter how brief the trip.

When CERENIA became available, I gave it a try. For the first time in 6 years, Reba didn’t vomit in the car.

Marianne, LVT and Dog Owner


Thank you! You have given me a real gift. We tried CERENIA this past Saturday (It was our first opportunity to take Zach and the rest of the herd for a car ride). For the first time in almost nine years Zach was able to enjoy a car ride. It was also the first time he was able to eat a frozen custard with the rest of my kids! I wish I would have thought to bring a video camera. The joy on his face during the car ride was wonderful, but watching him eat the frozen custard . . . there are no words.

Zoetis has created a fantastic, fantastic drug! Thank you!

Mrs. Moshe, Dog Owner


Ruben is active and loves spending time with his family. You wouldn't know that from this picture, though. This is Ruben right after we had to leave him with the neighbors while we headed up to the lake. It wasn't an easy decision for us, but we would rather see Ruben stay with a friend than have to deal with the vomiting associated with his motion sickness. It's tough to deal with and very messy. I feel awful because I know how bad he feels in the car, and I try to do my best to make him comfortable.

Leaving Ruben at home ruins our vacation because he is not there to enjoy it, and I spend a great deal of time worrying about him.

June, Dog Owner


I am very pleased with CERENIA. We recently went to Mesa, AZ. One dose took care of the motion sickness on the way down and one dose took care of the motion sickness on the way back. CERENIA works beautifully. I highly recommend it to other dog owners.